For Smart Offices

We are on a mission to create the office of the future. We will transform your office into a smart working space using our IoT chair and cushion technologies.

With our revolutionary technology, we can improve the wellbeing, mood and productivity of all employees in the workplace while assisting management with implementing data driven corporate wellbeing programs.

For Driver Assistance

Our patented sensing system can be embedded into car seats to track how drivers are fatigued over time as well as improve their personal health . This allows drivers to understand their behaviour and take breaks when they are feeling tired

For Rehabilitation

The LIFEFORM systems create an enhanced communication medium between medical professionals and their patients.

The LifeChair cushion, chairs and mats can track the activities and behaviours of the patient outside of the clinic and the therapist can then review the data online in order to provide a more tailored session for each patient.

For Homes

We will transform your home with our LifeChair and LifeMat systems that will help you improve your sitting habits and workstyle.

With our multi-profile system we create the perfect hub for both individuals and families.

For Gamers

LIFEFORM can be used by gamers for next level experiences, such as the ability to play games using your posture that allows you to train your upper body strength at the same time.

We leverage the latest in MR and VR technologies.

For Gyms and Training

LIFEFORM can be embedded into training devices, such as gym and yoga mats, to improve form and feedback for increased results.

The LifeMat uses motion data from professional athletes and our AI to help coach users on proper techniques.