Introducing The LifeChair

Our award winning product


The Smart Haptic Cushion for Posture Training, Activity Coaching and Productivity Boosting

The LifeChair uses artificial intelligence to learn your sitting behaviour to optimize your workstyle. It trains your posture in real-time and guides you to stretch and take more regular standing breaks. Transform your chair to a smart chair with the LifeChair.

Main Features:

Posture Tracking

Seat Regulation

Haptic Feedback

Dedicated Smart App

Stretch Assistance

Custom Reminders

Meditation Mode


About Us

At LIFEFORM AI we develop the next evolution in smart interfaces using our patented sensing technology and human behavioural AI systems.

Our world first AI for healthcare can recognise a variety of human behavioural motions such as poor sitting posture, driver drowsiness and erratic sleep patterns and empower users to actively improve these conditions through assistive devices.

We provide guidance, training and augmentation like never before to maximise your human potential. We are pioneering the next frontier of intelligent systems through the development of IoT surfaces, chairs, sports mats and beds.

Our Philosophy

Our systems employ a 3 principle philosophy composed of our main technologies:


The LIFEFORM eTextile technology is highly sensitive, flexible, embeddable and customisable for various applications which detects and classifies pressure, flexion and strain to interpret human behavioural data.


Our scientifically validated human posture models are specially designed to accurately recognise various modes of human pose, motion and behaviour in real time in real world scenarios.


Through sensing different postures and activities, we use haptic, visual and audial feedback to guide users to healthier habits in order to help them reach maximum potential. Our technologies are personalized for each user to provide tailored solutions.

Our Services

Our technology is versatile. From the office to the car and in the gym,
we provide a connected AI healthcare system.

Patented sensing intelligence for furniture

Employee wellbeing and company office transformation

LifeChair for cars - understanding driver behaviour

Data tracking and clinical communication enhancement

Video gamer empowered mindfulness

Building future gyms and training centres

Our Team


Dr Karlos Ishac
(CEO, Researcher & Inventor)

Is a Robotics and Emerging Technologies pioneer with a famed portfolio of inventions and research achievements. He is the primary inventor and business lead of Lifeform AI.

Katia Bourahmoune
(COO, AI Lead and Researcher)

Neuroscience and Machine Learning expert pushing the limits of modern AI. She leads the primary strategy and AI developments at Lifeform AI

Michael O’loughlin
(Legal and Operations)

is an Actuarial and Law mastermind with strengths in data analytics and legal work. He manages the legal, IP and business relations at Lifeform AI

Mitchell Cruz
(Designer & Web)

is a Media and Design prodigy. He has crafted all the graphics for development and manages the web contents along with company branding.

Interested in implementing the LifeChair or Lifeform AI technologies for your project? Get in touch today to discuss tailored solutions with our team.

We also offer consulting and advisory services in all areas of emerging technologies including AI/ML, Robotics, IoT, VR and AR.

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